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Sustainable Fashion


Simply put, sustainability in the fashion industry means creating clothing that is ethically made, and environmentally friendly.

The concept is super simple.

But, putting the concept into actuality, is often harder than it sounds. This is because making clothes that are ethical and sustainable, often means brands experience profit-loss, so big companies are reluctant to make the change.


The only way big brands will restructure and change their ways, is if the change starts with you, the customer. If demand changes, so will supply.

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Harsh truth: the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world. It is responsible for 20% of global industrial water pollution, a crazy, but true reality.

And that isn’t even all of the problem. Textile mills use over 20,000 chemicals, many of them carcinogenic, to make and dye clothes.

Most of the clothes that are then produced are made from plastic, which is creating catastrophic repercussions with mass amounts of microfibre in our oceans. This is consumed by sea animals, which are in turn consumed by us. Not to mention the issue of damage to sea life habitats and eco-systems.

With the huge rise of fast fashion, this also means we’re consuming (and throwing out) even more. 350,000 tonnes of clothing is thrown away every year. On average, clothing is worn ten times before being disposed of. That may seem a lot, but there are 365 days a year, and this statistic shows we’re not even wearing an item of clothing for the equivalent of a month, before we’re bored of it and onto the next thing.

Sustainable fashion means producing clothes in a way that is also sustainable for the workers too. This includes better working conditions for garment workers, illegalising sweatshops globally and fairer pay. At present, this cycle is on-going with no easy way out. We have to break the industry’s cyclical routine and the routine of fast-fashion in general, by aiming for sustainability.


It takes more than simply using recyclable packaging to make a clothing brand sustainable.

Sustainable fashion is intertwined with every part of the industry, from the fabric grown and chosen to the garment workers making the product, if the entire process isn’t sustainably done, you cannot be called a sustainable brand.

In order to be classed as a sustainable fashion brand, clothing must be made from environmentally-friendly materials, use resources responsibly, and not hurt anyone throughout the entire process.


Now you know what it takes to make sustainable fashion. But why should you care about it? Here’s 3 good reasons…

Supporting the Workers…

Sustainable fashion is so much better for all the workers in the manufacturing chain. If you buy a fast fashion dress for £100, how much of it do you think goes to the garment workers in Bangladesh?

Trust me, it’s less than you’d think.

The fashion industry workforce consists of a whopping 60 million workers. Of this, 90% are living in poverty.

Sustainable fashion gives these workers fair rights, including a decent living wage, less risk of sexual assault and much safer working conditions. Who wouldn’t want to support that?

Supporting the Environment…

You already know now how much damage the fashion industry is doing to the planet, contributing to around 10% of global carbon emissions.

But that’s not the only thing – 85% of clothes are ending up in landfills, for the simple reason that they’re cheaply made, lacking in quality and easily disposable.

Sustainable fashion creates higher quality, longer-lasting clothing, meaning that (whilst they’re initially more expensive), they’ll stay in your wardrobe for years to come. These fabrics come with the added benefit of being super comfortable, and so much better for your skin.

The great thing about sustainable fabrics, is that when they do finally come to the end of their life, they can either be recycled and used again for future generations, or returned to the earth. The cyclical approach is quite something.


The textile industry is now listening to the sustainable movement, but the voice isn’t yet loud enough. It’s active consumers that will speed this process up.

Sustainable fashion is a conscious choice to be made by individuals, not by companies.

In order to future-proof our environment, workers and generations to come, this ethical, sustainable change needs to happen now.


You should care about sustainable fashion, because it’s your future it affects.


We want to be a part of the movement – sustainable fashion has been within our ethos since we first drew up plans for this business, and we’re not slowing down on our ambition to become a fully sustainable brand.

As a company, we are transforming aspects of our production chain to better serve a sustainable purpose, for our brand and our environment, but also for you as a customer. Our aim is to be able to give you the highest quality fabrics and designs possible. And now, we can.

We are so pleased to say that, coming soon, our Leisurewear designs will be available in 100%, completely sustainable fabrics. Perfect to address the environmental and ethical concerns raised in this email, but also brilliant for you and your skin.

No matter what lies ahead for the fashion industry, we will be here, committed to providing sustainable fabrics, ethical designs & recyclable materials, ensuring fair and sustainable practices for everyone, including you.

Keep your eyes on your inbox for further information on this exciting announcement!

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