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Sustainable Fashion


Simply put, sustainability in the fashion industry means creating clothing that is ethically made, and environmentally friendly.

The concept is super simple.

But, putting the concept into actuality, is often harder than it sounds. This is because making clothes that are ethical and sustainable, often means brands experience profit-loss, so big companies are reluctant to make the change.


The only way big brands will restructure and change their ways, is if the change starts with you, the customer. If demand changes, so will supply.

what is sustainable fashion


Harsh truth: the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world. It is responsible for 20% of global industrial water pollution, a crazy, but true reality.

And that isn’t even all of the problem. Textile mills use over 20,000 chemicals, many of them carcinogenic, to make and dye clothes.

Most of the clothes that are then produced are made from plastic, which is creating catastrophic repercussions with mass amounts of microfibre in our oceans. This is consumed by sea animals, which are in turn consumed by us. Not to mention the issue of damage to sea life habitats and eco-systems.

With the huge rise of fast fashion, this also means we’re consuming (and throwing out) even more. 350,000 tonnes of clothing is thrown away every year. On average, clothing is worn ten times before being disposed of. That may seem a lot, but there are 365 days a year, and this statistic shows we’re not even wearing an item of clothing for the equivalent of a month, before we’re bored of it and onto the next thing.

Sustainable fashion means producing clothes in a way that is also sustainable for the workers too. This includes better working conditions for garment workers, illegalising sweatshops globally and fairer pay. At present, this cycle is on-going with no easy way out. We have to break the industry’s cyclical routine and the routine of fast-fashion in general, by aiming for sustainability.


It takes more than simply using recyclable packaging to make a clothing brand sustainable.

Sustainable fashion is intertwined with every part of the industry, from the fabric grown and chosen to the garment workers making the product, if the entire process isn’t sustainably done, you cannot be called a sustainable brand.

In order to be classed as a sustainable fashion brand, clothing must be made from environmentally-friendly materials, use resources responsibly, and not hurt anyone throughout the entire process.


Now you know what it takes to make sustainable fashion. But why should you care about it? Here’s 3 good reasons…

Supporting the Workers…

Sustainable fashion is so much better for all the workers in the manufacturing chain. If you buy a fast fashion dress for £100, how much of it do you think goes to the garment workers in Bangladesh?

Trust me, it’s less than you’d think.

The fashion industry workforce consists of a whopping 60 million workers. Of this, 90% are living in poverty.

Sustainable fashion gives these workers fair rights, including a decent living wage, less risk of sexual assault and much safer working conditions. Who wouldn’t want to support that?

Supporting the Environment…

You already know now how much damage the fashion industry is doing to the planet, contributing to around 10% of global carbon emissions.

But that’s not the only thing – 85% of clothes are ending up in landfills, for the simple reason that they’re cheaply made, lacking in quality and easily disposable.

Sustainable fashion creates higher quality, longer-lasting clothing, meaning that (whilst they’re initially more expensive), they’ll stay in your wardrobe for years to come. These fabrics come with the added benefit of being super comfortable, and so much better for your skin.

The great thing about sustainable fabrics, is that when they do finally come to the end of their life, they can either be recycled and used again for future generations, or returned to the earth. The cyclical approach is quite something.


The textile industry is now listening to the sustainable movement, but the voice isn’t yet loud enough. It’s active consumers that will speed this process up.

Sustainable fashion is a conscious choice to be made by individuals, not by companies.

In order to future-proof our environment, workers and generations to come, this ethical, sustainable change needs to happen now.


You should care about sustainable fashion, because it’s your future it affects.


We want to be a part of the movement – sustainable fashion has been within our ethos since we first drew up plans for this business, and we’re not slowing down on our ambition to become a fully sustainable brand.

As a company, we are transforming aspects of our production chain to better serve a sustainable purpose, for our brand and our environment, but also for you as a customer. Our aim is to be able to give you the highest quality fabrics and designs possible. And now, we can.

We are so pleased to say that, coming soon, our Leisurewear designs will be available in 100%, completely sustainable fabrics. Perfect to address the environmental and ethical concerns raised in this email, but also brilliant for you and your skin.

No matter what lies ahead for the fashion industry, we will be here, committed to providing sustainable fabrics, ethical designs & recyclable materials, ensuring fair and sustainable practices for everyone, including you.

Keep your eyes on your inbox for further information on this exciting announcement!

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BLACK LIVES MATTER : Joining the Movement

BLACK LIVES MATTER : Joining the Movement

As a white woman, it is incredibly hard to know what to write in these trying times, considering my position in an ethnic majority group. However, I do not want to personally be oblivious to the oppression of minorities and I do not want my company to sit silent to this issue either.

The events leading up to today have been a really somber, hard hitting reality check for me. Until recently, I lived in a primarily white community, was raised by white parents, and attended mostly white schools. Because of this, it’s very easy to think in 2020, living in a predominantly white environment, that racism does not exist.


And it always has done. Will Smith filmed an interview in 2016 (view here), where he states that racism has always been around, and that (paraphrasing), there isn’t more of it now, it is simply that more of it is being filmed.

And with this filming, comes more public knowledge. People all over the world are seeing the effects of racism and a light is being shone on it. Because of this, almost all of us will be aware (or more aware) of the deeply troubling events that have happened recently in the US. The murder of George Floyd does not, and should not, sit silently with me or any of us. A human had his life taken, whilst pleading for air. That is not acceptable. And he is not the first.

Up until these recent events, I am ashamed to say I was blind to white supremacy, and would feel uncomfortable at the phrase ‘white privilege’. I would consider myself to make my own fortune and work hard for my privileges. This was the sad result of being raised in a society that is predominantly white, and having very little influence from other communities, like a lot of us experience. But the long and short of it is this :

  • My parents never had to teach me to be wary of police officers because of the colour of my skin.
  • I was never concerned with being turned down for a job because of the colour of my skin.
  • And I have never suffered racial abuse because of the colour of my skin.

So yes, I am white, and privileged. Privileged that I have not had to endure what so many others have had to. Privileged that I have never experienced racial inequality directly, because I am in a racial majority group. And privileged to have, for the majority of my life, been fairly unaffected by racism in our society.

But I am not willing to be unaffected any more. When members of the human race are suffering, I am not prepared to stand by, in silence and do nothing, say nothing. And this is the most crucial part of being anti-racist. Acknowledging when you don’t understand or haven’t fully comprehended the extent of a situation, then noticing that your thoughts and actions are the product of a problematic society. I, along with many others, must call myself out, apologise for not knowing better and then educate myself to be able to do better.

We are all humans and we all make mistakes, no one will get it right 100% of the time. But let’s work together to call ourselves out when we do make mistakes, amend our mistakes and then work to achieve a global change. Take ownership, accountability and responsibility.

I never want any of my friends or family to feel undervalued, under appreciated or fear for their lives, because of the colour of their skin. In this day and age, living in seemingly such an accepting society, it shocks me that racism is even still prevalent. Which is why I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done more research and reading around the topic, educating myself on the issue. I cannot begin to understand the pain and heartbreak those in the black community are suffering and I cannot say I know everything, or am aware of all the issues going on. But I can say, this is a topic I feel passionately about, one I will continue to learn about, and something I will try to help advocate for change on.

This is a minority, calling out for recognition and help. Without the efforts of white people, this is a losing battle. Not because black people are incapable of creating change, quite the opposite : it is because they are NOT THE PROBLEM. Those who stay silent on the issue, those in power, those who have not experienced racial inequality are the ones who need to be better, to understand more and to work the hardest for change.


Without help from the oppressors to end the oppression, black lives will continue to be undervalued. So it is our duty and mission to take on this battle too.

Not all of us will be able to donate to worthy causes and a lot of us wish we could do something to help make an impact or a change. So, we have gathered resources to share with you all to better educate us all and raise awareness of the BLM Movement, and how we can help.


Thanks to some of my friends, I’ve been shown this video and would like to share it with you all :

‘How to financially help BLM with NO MONEY/leaving your house’

Essentially, by streaming this video you donate to ‘black lives matter’. Make sure when you watch you…

  1. Disable any browser ad blockers
  2. Don’t skip any ads
  3. Rewatch and share

‘This video was created to offer people a way to donate to ‘black lives matter’ without having any actual money or going out to protest themselves’ – The rest of the instructions are in the video description.


Conduct research on whether your MP has spoken out about the recent events in America, or racism in general. You can check Twitter, Facebook and local news to see if they have spoken out against it. Go to to see how your MPs vote on different issues.

If you learn they haven’t obviously opposed or had a say on the issue of racism, ask them why, put pressure on them to comment and positively impact the issue. You can find their email addresses at:


This is a really easy way to shift your focus and expand your personal culture, by broadening your mind (and often Instagram feed!), to include more black influencers, businesses and education/information. Here’s a list of ten black owned business or influencers we love & follow:

  1. @styleidealist – IG influencer, focusing on fashion, lifestyle & beauty, writing about her life and self-discovery.
  2. @musingsofacurvylady – IG influencer with a stunning feed, focusing on body positivity and loving yourself.
  3. A.Au Clothing Brand ( – Handmade fashion, inspired by global experiences and promoting independence, creative director & founder is @asiyami_gold
  4. @femmeblk – IG influencer, anti-racist, fashion lover and foodie!
  5. @thepatriciabright – IG influencer and a @savagexfenty Ambassador; this girl has a whole lot of sass and a whole lot of knowledge.
  6. @gabifresh – IG influencer who has an incredible lingerie collection at Playful Promises and supports the BLM movement, as well as being an advocate for mental health.
  7. Karen Blanchard – YouTuber and blogger, inspiring style and lifestyle choices, as well as advocating for anti-racism and raising donation awareness. (She also has amazing hair!)
  8. @amaka.hamelijnck – IG influencer and supporter of the BLM movement. She has a beautiful feed & speaks up about what’s important!
  9. @withloveyossy – IG influencer with great links to other black content creators and influencers! She also has the most stunning feed with tonnes of important notes in.
  10. ZAAF (@zaafcollection) – an award-winning luxury brand for ‘Global Nomads’, made in Africa.



When They See Us [Released 2019, available on Netflix]

13th [Released 2016, available on Netflix]

Noughts and Crosses [2020, available on BBC iPlayer]

Dear White People [2014 film available on Amazon Prime Video, 2017 TV series available on Netflix]

I am Not Your Negro [2016, available on Amazon Prime Video]

This list is by no means exhaustive, and I hope we can continually update this Blog Post to remain relevant and current as the fight goes on. As a brand, we hope to continually update our knowledge and pledge to incorporate more black influencers, models and team members into our company.

No one is born with hatred, prejudice or racism in their heart. It won’t be today or tomorrow, but as a United whole, we will educated ourselves and & future generations, to eradicate racism. We can all use our voices to help amplify the ones of those stifled for too long. I look forward to the day when everyone, no matter their skin colour, feels safe, loved and valued.

Sarah x

Creative Director X Founder, Miller & Whitelaw.

The Power of Positive Thinking : 6 Ways to Harness Success

The Power of Positive Thinking : 6 Ways to Harness Success

A lot of us are under the impression that opposites attract. Now, while this may be true for the likes of magnets and couples, actually, throughout the rest of life, the opposite is true : like attracts like. Basically, this means that if you learn to harness the power of positive thinking, you’re guaranteed to attract more positive circumstances.

Don’t be fooled – this isn’t like Karma. Where Karma is seen as a reward/punishment mentality, positive thinking is based around the Law Of Attraction.

With a cynical, negative mindset, poor circumstances, behaviours and situations will arise. Flip this and channel a positive, joy-filled mindset, and you will find yourself natural attracting the same back. Like attracts like!

This isn’t to say we won’t have down days – it’s actually pretty normal to feel crappy sometimes. You can feel discouraged, overwhelmed and frustrated; let yourself feel these things. These emotional responses are feedback; important hints that your body is prompting you to make a change and keep pushing forward.

Choice is a powerful thing…

Staying positive in the face of adversity is a conscious choice you can make. It can take a lot of dedication and determination, because the process of choosing positive thinking actually requires you to rewire your brain. However, if you can master this strategy, you’ll find your mindset shift & changes, not only making you focus on the good in your life, but also ensuring good is attracted straight back to you.

If you fancy using positive thinking to harness success for yourself, because like attract like, here’s some motivational tips to get you back in control of your own thinking and implement positivity.

1. Meditation

Meditation is an incredible way to clear negativity from your life and bring about a healthy emotional change or balance.

Meditation refreshes the mind and centres us by ridding your body of harmful chemicals which cause stress and anxiety. Meditation is the reset button that allows your brain to unplug, switch off and tune out negativity. Then, you can easily learn to turn your brain back on and tune into more positive frequencies. Meditation requires commitment-to-cause, because it’s very easy to not prioritise it and make it a ‘job for later’. However, when practised regularly, you will be left with a clean slate and a more refreshed, positive perspective, which will in turn create an abundance of success, whether that be in business, career, everyday life or hobbies.

2. Create a Plan

It’s very normal to worry about your present or future, especially at the minute when everything is so uncertain. But what is certain, is that nothing good will happen if you don’t promote some positivity through mindset and energy. Here, we love formal plans, with detailed breakdowns. But if you’re not quite up for creating a detail-focused plan, start with a less intense list of important actions you need to do each day to move towards your goals. This could include meditation, working out or fulfilling various jobs on a to-do list.

By doing this, you rid yourself of fear and get inspired to take action! You get to cross things off the list and create the life you want – that’s some pretty positive stuff right there!

3. Practice Gratitude

Research has show that practising gratitude makes us happier. It floods our brains with dopamine to drown out negative thoughts or anxious feelings. Feeling gratitude naturally invokes the Law Of Attraction – if you make an effort to be grateful, you will find you are blessed with more things to be grateful about.

It’s not always easy to focus on things we should be grateful for, so we suggest keeping a ‘Gratitude Journal’. In this, you can document your Road To Success, listing everything you were grateful for, or achieved, throughout the day. Over time, you’ll see your lists becoming longer, as you utilise gratitude to bring you more success!

4. Be Kind – to yourself and others

Omitting kindness has been proven to make us happier and less stressed.

Research has shown that kindness is contagious – if someone if kind to you, you’re likely to pay it forward, and the person who receives your kindness will do the same, further implementing kindness to others.

Kindness also inspires gratitude, and makes us more inclined to be grateful. So, if you’re finding practising gratitude hard, do a good deed and you’ll notice how great you feel. Part of the reason it’s so easy for us to be miserable and unhappy is because we tend to get stuck in the ‘My World’ mindset.

The ‘My World’ mindset is an attitude where the individual solely focuses on themselves without much consideration for others. If we can free ourselves from looking inwards, and instead look outwardly to those around us and be kind to ourselves and others, our world expands, opening up our mind to receive more positive things, in turn, bringing success.

You must also set aside time to do the things you enjoy. Relaxing in front of the TV is great for a short switch off period, but do not neglect your hobbies, social activities or passions. It’s easy to forget that if we have the energy and willpower to slave away for eight or so hours a day with little reward outside of financial gain, we could easily spend an hour or two a day doing what we actually enjoy.

Again, remember the Law Of Attraction — like attracts like.

If you hate your job, but never do anything other than work, you will be unhappy and unfulfilled. However, if you utilise your free time to engage in activities you enjoy, you will begin to look forward to those moments, rather than dreading everything else. This is incredibly important, but remember to not get caught up in the payday-to-payday mentality; hating your job and working solely to fund your lifestyle.

5. Change Jobs

If you are finding yourself stuck in a work cycle, where nothing seems to improve there despite shifting your mindset, it might be time to look into changing something further.

There are lost of companies still hiring. The world goes on despite lockdown and despite how you’re feeling. If you’re bored at work or feel like your ethos doesn’t match that of your companies, that’s not a good scenario. Sometimes, sitting down and airing your concerns to someone at work can change your entire job role to one more suited to you. And sometimes, you need to consider a complete change in jobs. It’s important to not stew in our unhappiness – if you feel significantly unhappy at work, some change must be made in order to promote positivity and success. You could volunteer for a special project, or initiate a new idea. This shows leadership qualities, gets you motivated and thinking about new things, and likely will positively impact your company, therefore positively impacting you. It’s all about harnessing that positive impact to drive you forward to achieving success in your mindset, and success in your life.

6. Decrease Stress

A level of stress can often help us perform better, work smarter and get jobs done. However, an amass of stress, or stress over a long period of time, often causes things to go wrong in our lives and often stress, particularly emotional, is self-inflicted.

Think of stress as being like a fire, and all the other bad things that come with it, such as sadness, anger, sleeplessness and anxiety, as the smoke. If you can extinguish the fire, the smoke will dissipate. But fan the flames, and the smoke thickens.

You can decrease stress by maintaining and healthy body and mind:

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Eat balanced meals

  • Meditate

  • Exercise (even a little!)

  • Don’t sleep with your phone by the bed

  • Prioritise tasks

  • Take time to do the things you enjoy

  • Have mental ‘check-ins’ with yourself

By increasing the presence of these things in your life, you can usually eradicate some of the stresses you feel, or at least identify why and when you’re feeling them most. By doing this, you can put in place positive, proactive measures to counter these stresses and work your way to achieving success in these areas. Less stress is literally more healing.

7. Choose YOUR OWN Happiness

Be your biggest fan!

Use daily affirmations to correct your mindset. Our new FREE Guide has a list of these for you to utilise.

Tell yourself at least once a day that you are beautiful, talented, or just plain awesome. Do this for a while and you will come to believe it. Pep talks work — they motivate, inspire, and uplift.

Don’t exaggerate or lie to yourself, simply view life in a ‘glass-half-full’ way. For example, the next time something goes wrong, instead of telling yourself “This is bad,” instead affirm, “I can handle this” or “I will be okay.”

Also, remember that nobody gets to decide how you feel. Only you get to do that. So, be aware of your emotions and take what you can use from them. Then let it go! Try and let 90% of what bothers you go, you’ll find yourself becoming more and more unaffected by negativity and on a journey to creating your own happiness and success.

Try to laugh in the face of sadness (even if it’s forced!), and more laughter will follow.

What you tell yourself, you will believe.

So, be kind.

8. Brainstorm

Even with lockdown and social distancing in place, you are not alone. Reach out to a friend, colleague or family member who isn’t as close to your situation. These individuals can help see your circumstances in a different light, showing you new options more clearly.

Utilise video apps like Zoom or Teams to have a ‘Master-mind session’ with your friends. Rotate turns assisting each other on any issues that have arisen, their goal clarification and action plan. Supporting each other strengthens your relationships, is highly productive, and most importantly, fun.

This method will not only spur you in the direction of success, it will enable you to do the same for your friends. After all, that’s what friends are for.

9. Exercise

Research has clearly proven that exercise is a BIG factor when it comes to positivity and success. Even if you only get in 30 minutes every other day initially, you’ll find it acts as an endorphin booster, shifting your mindset and making you more proactive. Take these steps beforehand to encourage you to exercise:

  • Putting on workout clothes naturally makes you feel good, and you’re ready for exercise, so you can’t go wrong!

  • Drink lots of water – hydration is key!

  • Make a kick-ass playlist to motivate and invigorate!

  • Workout with a friend, even over Zoom – accountability is key!

  • Schedule a time for your workouts & set an alarm

  • Download an app – we love 8FIT, it’s free and has a great progress tracker too!

The times when you don’t feel like exercising is usually when your body needs it most. Taking care of ourselves physically is so critical to everything else we want to do in life. You can’t take care of anything or anyone else, if you don’t take care of you. It doesn’t have to be intense and your workouts don’t need to defy science, just move your body every day. Sleeping, eating healthy and exercising—the facts are clear about what we need to do. Prioritize your mind and body above all else. Remember : you are in full control of how you treat yourself.

10. Don’t Dwell

This is the bottom line really. The statement does what it says on the tin. Focusing on the negative or dwelling on things that have brought you down is never going to make you feel good.

Instead, shift your perspective and focus on the possibilities of positivity. Over time, finding instant perspective, alignment, and moving forwards with a positive outlook can become a habit. You will find new personal and career related growth.

In short, change your course and keep going. Life is hard, and positivity takes practice. But, you can start by choosing to be a more positive, calmer, happier, healthier version of you, fully in control of your life, fears, doubts and aspirations. Now, more than ever, it’s going to take a whole lot of resilience, grit and determination to achieve success.

Finding a new job will be tough.

Advancing in your career will be tough.

Maximising your business sales will be tough.

But, we are wired to win. Giving up is not an option. Utilise the strategies above and try everything you possibly can. Research every idea from the ones you already have and try those too. It’s not going to start with an instant fix, where tomorrow you wake up in Bali on a yacht. But, by just making incremental mindset changes, by continuing to push forward towards our goals with an attitude of positivity, gratefulness and kindness, we can achieve success, not just for the now, but for forever.

Let us know how you achieve a positive outlook or what you’re implementing to achieve success!

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UTILITARIAN : A Fashion Spotlight

UTILITARIAN : A Fashion Spotlight

Engaging with the hottest trend for 2019, and how you can introduce it to your wardrobe.

Desert Shirt and Skinny Fit Striped Jean

Needing a wardrobe update? In love with practical pieces? Fashion meets function in this huge trend for 2019…


Design with Ease

Utilitarian: designed with practicality in mind.”

This huge trend is designed to provide wearers with comfortable, practical, versatile clothing. Maintaining it’s prominent past influence, military undertones are seen in design, with boiler suits, cropped jackets, cargo pants, patch pockets and bomber jackets emerging as key shapes. Fashion features bum bags, earthy hues and practical elements, ensuring your wardrobe is constantly on trend, and functional.

Cargo Trouser and Ribbed Jersey from Miller & Whitelaw

Catwalk Influence


With brands such as Celine and Valentino showcasing incredible Spring-Summer practical trenches, the trend develops for Autumn-Winter, reimagined with denim in dark shades and khaki coming heavily into play. Hot pops of accent colour are seen on trimming, stitch details and pockets. Although this trend is specifically designed to offer functionality over all, don’t worry as designers have ensured pieces are exciting, eye-catching and alluring, with chunky details to fit perfectly into your timeless wardrobe.


The absurd becomes practical, with multiple pockets, interior and exterior, functional zips, buttons and patches and multi-wear garments. Designers are taking this trend to the extreme, enamouring customers with a plethora of options.


The Oversized Influence

The clothes were designed to look powerful, strong, imposing.”

With styling usually a comfortable fit, Utilitarianism incorporates a masculine shape. Relaxed garments such as oversized shirts, cocoon coats and exaggerated sweaters all feature heavily in this trend, making it great for Autumn-Winter and perfect for layering. This trend goes hard, not home, with roomier fits, dramatic proportions and extravagant silhouettes. The ease of movement in these garments makes for tangible wearability and an all-day aesthetic that never gets tired. With the infusion of menswear saturating the womenswear market in modern day, it’s unsurprising the oversized influence has spilled over into other trends.


Get Inspired : STYLING


With this trend featuring oversized pieces and sometimes a masculine aesthetic, cinching in the waist with a chunky leather belt can make the outfit look more feminine and accentuate your figure.


Layer up this trend with coats, jumpers and cardigans with cargo pockets. Military or bomber styled jackets add maximum effect.


Infuse with a pop of colour. A bright lucerne red works beautifully in small doses alongside desert hues, such as khaki, browns and nude beiges. Don’t be afraid to inject a vibrant colour to spice up the palette!


Don’t overdo it – choose a key piece and work around it, incorporating colours from the same palette. Most women choose a statement jacket, but don’t shy away from the oversized shirt, or a boilersuit.


Don’t over-accessorise the attire: Utilitarian is designed to be practical alone, additional faff distracts this, and combined with the buttons, brass additions and functional zips, further accessories are usually not required.

Belt Bag, £354, JW Anderson
Trenchcoat, £795, Joseph
Jacket, £395, BOSS from Hugo Boss

An easy to follow, functional, exciting trend that’s sticking around for a while, it’s time to get on board with this adaptable, military inspired trend – don’t forget to add your own quirks and own the look!


How are you going to style your Utilitarian wardrobe?

Size Guide