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Miller and Whitelaw

We are a UK based fashion company, specialising in womenswear, established in 2020.
We wanted to create a brand that represents women and champions them, sharing ambition, positivity and trends through fashion.
​Our brand offers carefully considered Ready To Wear collections and exclusive, on-trend designs. Our own ranges are being developed continuously, as the demand for comfortable clothes continues through into 2021. All our collections are designed to make you feel fantastic, created with comfort and practicality in mind. The clothes we release are made with a lot of forethought, for women everywhere who want a minimal, fresh aesthetic.
​Here at M&W we value sustainability and ethics highly, which is why we’ve ensured we’re working towards a more conscious industry, minding our environment and manufacturing process. We believe in transparency with our customers – we aren’t claiming to be 100% sustainable yet, but we are vowing to continue to educate ourselves, our team and those around us in order to improve and evolve our brand.
We aim to provide our customers with high quality garments, focusing on long product lifespans, minimising waste & ensuring you feel your best. ​We’re still learning, and there’s a way to go, but, our thinking rejects the throwaway culture of fast fashion, in favour of longevity, respecting nature and protecting it for future generations. With that in mind, if you have any feedback, our emails are always open!
Thank you for supporting MILLER & WHITELAW, we hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit more about our story.
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FOUNDER – Sarah Whitelaw

Hi everyone, I’m a graduate from the University of Sunderland, now living in Lincoln, the birthplace of Miller & Whitelaw.
Miller & Whitelaw is an incredibly personal brand, being the result of four years hard work and determination to bring it from concept to creation. A lot of my family heritage was involved in the brand concept, even down to the company name & logo – a fusion of my familial surnames and family crest. Because of this, the brand represents me, and feels like a united force. I hope you all feel a sense of belonging here, we are a family company and you’re a part of that now.
I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember, being obsessed with the supermodels of the 90’s, and the evolution of fashion, particularly premium products and runway shows. However, I saw minimal diversity within the industry and a lack of responsibility taken for garment production, resulting in the fashion industry becoming the second biggest polluter, globally. This was incredibly eye opening, and instilled in me a drive to provide a luxury lifestyle brand that catered to and championed women of all shapes and sizes – because we’re all different and beautiful – as well as a brand that took a moral responsibility to closely examine our environmental impact.
And therefore, Miller & Whitelaw was born, a womenswear lifestyle brand with a conscience and a formidable message of female empowerment. I hope you all can read and see how passionate we are about ensuring you feel part of this brand. 
With love, Sarah x
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